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Railway Services

UK-Wide Railway Services From LCM Environmental.

LCM Environmental is a leading supplier of fuel maintenance and oil storage management services to the railway industry.

We can help support your entire oil infrastructure: from maintaining the fuel that powers your trains, through ensuring storage tanks are compliant and fit for purpose, to providing testing and cleaning services for your RID rail wagons.

Specialising in risk mitigation for your operational centres, we have access to strategically located sites across the rail network. From these bases our mobile maintenance teams can support your infrastructure wherever it may be in the UK.


Specialist Services include:

  • Fuel sampling and testing.
  • Fuel cleaning (filtration).
  • Fuel uplift, removal, and transfer.
  • Storage tank commissioning, repair & decommissioning services.
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
  • Intermediate and Periodic RID wagon inspections.
  • Tank and fuel telemetry.
  • Fuel delivery.
  • Man-entry tank cleaning: on-site tanks and RID rail wagons.
  • Interceptor inspections and maintenance.
  • Spill Response and remediation services.
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The railway sector is a major and critical part of Britain’s transport network, where large quantities of fuel are both used and transported daily.

LCM Environmental are proud to work alongside some of the biggest rail fuel distributors, safeguarding their assets against any environmental damages. Key to this is ensuring that the rail wagons remain compliant and conform to all of the regulations stated in RID the completion of 4-Year Intermediate and 8-Year Periodic Tank Testing.

We can ensure your rail projects are completed within the given timeframe and budget. Our experienced team of project managers will be in touch, keeping you informed of the condition of your storage facility.

LCM Environmental are able to provide full turnkey solutions for your fuel environment. We can provide fuel and tank services for both your RID wagons, and the on-site tanks that power your rail infrastructure. The consultancy services we provide are guaranteed to be the best approach for your storage facilities based on your available resources and impending needs.

Our company’s range of  Environmental services are available on an ad-hoc or full management basis, to protect your project portfolio when the need arises.

Our experience in the downstream fuel market and collaborating with some of Britain’s leading storage and rolling stock management companies delivers a comprehensive and wide-reaching service to rail industry clients. As well as reducing the wagon testing downtime, our railway services also significantly improve quality standards, reporting, and health and safety levels.

Our dedicated project managers will insist on saving you time and resources by undertaking the safest, quickest, most reliable, and sustainable solution to your railway fuel environment problems. LCM Environmental’s engineer teams are expertly trained to handle the complications emerging from your bespoke fuel needs. We pull all available resources to provide the best service, with the minimal downtime for your critical sector business.
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How Can We Help?

Acknowledging that different fuel storage systems require bespoke approach, our project management services offer individual solutions depending on the size and scale of your rail projects.


With more than 20 years combined experience and completing hundreds of projects a year, our large number of engineers are constantly learning and further developing their already extensive range of skills: this is your guarantee that your project is always handled by professionals. 

Delivered in collaboration with industry partners our specialist teams can support your entire oil infrastructure including a range of services for your RID wagons that transport fuel around the country.

LCM Environmental have more than 10 years of experience in tank maintenance and fuel environment management for the Rail sector.

We offer a full turnkey solution for your fuel environment, completed by our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) services, and quality project management. PPM support available:

  • Telemetry installation
  • Site visit (annual probe check)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7, 365 days a year real-time monitoring by our National Support Centre.
  • Remote access portal
  • Emergency fuel deliveries (UK wide) – Platts+ rate & maximum 2 day lead time upon receipt of purchase order).
  • Automatic fuel top up at 25%
  • Annual tank testing (additional contracted prices on temporary tank installation upon request)
  • Visual tank inspection (12 month)
  • Visual bund inspection (12 month)
  • Visual pipework inspection (12 month)
  • Up to date and approved safety signage
  • Emergency spill kits
  • Lubricant & fuel preserve additive (optional)
  • Inspection of top man-access gasket/side if accessible & replacement if required
  • On-site first responder spill training (up to 12 delegates)
  • Emergency spill response flat rate & response time (contracted schedule of rates to be issued)
  • Bund alarm / high fill / low level alarm installation (if required)
  • Spill bin waste collection/disposal & replacement
  • Pence Per Litre (PPL) rebate on any waste oil recovered form sites

We supply, install and clean standard or on-order interceptors/oil water separators.

In accordance to the The Environment Agency standard, fuel sites are required to have interceptors to mitigate the environmental risks associated with storing and handling fuel.

We could also install a monitoring system to remotely detect any blocked filters or overflowing water and oil levels.

Full interceptor servicing is included in our PPM plan.

The LCM Environmental engineers are fully qualified to perform specialised OFTEC tank inspections, including your pipework, bunds, fitting, and venting provision checks, and if tank installation is within compliance.

Read more in our blog

Our teams have the security clearance and are fully vetted to attend the majority of railway sites in the UK. We perform specialist fuel management services on both ad-hoc basis and through our PPM programme.

LCM Environmental are one of the leading specialists in fuel tank maintenance and management for railway industry partners. We regularly perform:

Installation of fuel monitoring solutions, bund and interceptor alarms, fuel theft detectors. Remote surveillance of your fuel levels and security system in place that gets activated if your tank levels are dropping, drastically, or not.

Read more in our blog about Telemetry.

Our teams have worked with leading railway industry partners to perform Environmental servicing on their behalf: from spill clean-up to ground remediation, and everything in between.

As a Crown Commercial Services supplier of fuel and tank services, as well being both ISO and UK spill accredited, we can provide a contracted response to client oil and chemical spills, fuel testing, fuel cleaning, tank testing and reporting on how our clients fuel storage infrastructures compare to a set of key oil storage regulations.

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