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Facilities Management

Fuel Environment Management For Your Facility Management Business.

As a Facility management company client, we understand your need for reliable and efficient fuel management and tank cleaning services. At LCM Environmental Services, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your facility runs smoothly and safely.

Some of the services we offer for FMs include:

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
  • Fuel maintenance & transfers
  • Site commissioning & decommissioning
  • Tank and pipework inspections
  • Tank cleaning
  • Interceptors
  • Spill Response
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At LCM Environmental we have supported some of the UK’s largest fuel storage sites. Our specialist expertise, reliable services and expertly trained staff are proud to deliver successful and safe projects to the Facility Management sector.

Facility Management Businesses Service Range

We are here to guide and support our valued clients through sustainable, efficient and resilient projects to ensure that they their fuel and infrastructure is safe, compliant and within specification.

A full turnkey solution for your fuel environment which is delivered through both a robust planned preventative maintenance (PPM) service and quality project management.

The type of support, which is available within this service includes fuel testing, fuel cleaning, tank testing, automatic fuel top-ups at 25% from empty, telemetry installation with a remote access portal, annual probe checks, bund and pipework inspections, provision of emergency spill kits and much more.

This service is tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

Many fuel storage tanks have a life expectancy of between 10-20 years. Fuel storage tanks and associated pipework integrity testing and maintenance is a vital part of knowing the health and reliability of your tank.

Having your tanks regularly tested and inspected is a preventative and proactive approach to assessing any potential threats that your fuel infrastructure may be facing and helps avoid costly incidents.

LCM Environmental offer everything from fuel testing, sampling and analysis to fuel uplifts, transfers, polishing, replacement and disposal. Our aim is to ensure your fuel environment is safe, secure and compliant to avoid or minimise your business downtime.

We can compliantly decommission tank storage facilities such as COMAH-registered infrastructure and above-ground or below-ground tanks. Starting with fuel uplift and tank cleaning, including UHP jetting, all the way through
to any potential tank cutting, tank removal and any subsequent civil works.

We have the expertise and experience to support, procure and deliver major tank decommissioning projects.

Oil-water separators (or interceptors) separate oil and suspended solids from water so that they can be skimmed away. If this separating process doesn’t happen or your system isn’t maintained properly, it can pose an ecological hazard which could result in large financial penalties if surrounding environments become contaminated.

Our expert team can install, service and clean interceptors/oil-water separators to ensure your organisation is acting responsibly
to prevent environmental damage.

We have a wide variety of clients covering private and public sectors ranging from SMEs to international organisations including local authorities, manufacturers, distributors, utility companies, building companies, loss adjusters, insurance companies, COMAH sites and oil refineries. 

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