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Preventative Planned Maintenance

Mitigate Risk with Preventative Planned Maintenance With LCM.

Our services can be delivered on an ad-hoc basis, but to fully mitigate risk and remove the hassle, we’d recommend putting your trust in us with our ‘Preventative, Planned Maintenance’ service. 

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How Can We Help You?

We are a responsible organisation and recognised that to properly help mitigate the risk of fuel failure (and its associated impacts) real-time monitoring and analysis is key for a large proportion of fuel users who operate Red Diesel, Kerosene and White Diesel for critical applications, for example, hospitals, data centres and large manufacturing companies. After extensive market research, we understand that for these types of organisations the potential of business or operational downtime is not an option and it is imperative that these organisations act to prevent it.

As a Crown Commercial Services supplier of fuel and tank services, as well being both ISO and UK spill accredited, we can provide a contracted response to client oil and chemical spills, fuel testing, fuel cleaning, tank testing and reporting on how our clients fuel storage infrastructures compare to a set of key oil storage regulations. 

Our package helps to mitigate the risk of failure because of fuel quality, the risk of infrastructure failure and the risk of further contamination in the unlikely event of a major incident. 

Did You Know:
The Key to Safe and Efficient Fuel Storage is Proper Planned Maintennace.

If fuel is left without treatment for longer than 6-12 months it can become contaminated.

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Available support includes: 

  • Telemetry installation
  • Site visit (annual probe check)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7, 365 days a year real-time monitoring by our National Support Centre.
  • Remote access portal
  • Emergency fuel deliveries (UK wide) – Platts+ rate & maximum 2 day lead time upon receipt of purchase order).
  • Automatic fuel top up at 25%
  • Annual tank testing (additional contracted prices on temporary tank installation upon request)
  • Visual tank inspection (12 month)
  • Visual bund inspection (12 month)
  • Visual pipework inspection (12 month)
  • Up to date and approved safety signage
  • Emergency spill kits
  • Lubricant & fuel preserve additive (optional)
  • Inspection of top man-access gasket/side if accessible & replacement if required
  • On-site first responder spill training (up to 12 delegates)
  • Emergency spill response flat rate & response time (contracted schedule of rates to be issued)
  • Bund alarm / high fill / low level alarm installation (if required)
  • Spill bin waste collection/disposal & replacement
  • Pence Per Litre (PPL) rebate on any waste oil recovered form sites

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