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Tank Clean at Silverstone

Great above ground tank clean completed yesterday (3rd August 2017) at Silverstone by one of the confined space teams. We uplifted the fuel, polished it, samples and tested it and put it back in the tank once it was compliant with ISO standards for fuel. As you can see by the images these tanks are hard to clean due to the steel bracing that support the outer skin on the above ground tank. Attention to detail and a systematic way of working is necessary to ensure that all biofilm on all surfaces is removed and the tank is bone dry before fuel is returned into it.

This tank owner will have three years trouble free service from this tank. In some cases when requested we can conduct ultrasonic NDT surveys of the tank to assure the owner of the condition of the tank.

If you have tanks that need this top quality treatment fill in our contact form or call LCM on 01884 841387.