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OFTEC Tank Inspection: 5 Reasons to book yours now

LCM Environmental are a certified and registered OFTEC risk mitigation specialists.

It is advised that fuel storage tanks are checked at least every 12 months to confirm that no structural issues have developed that could cause fuel or chemical leakage, tank rupture, and other incidents. To pre-empt any future problems, here at LCM Environmental we can provide you with 5 very good reasons to book your  OFTEC Tank inspection with us today!
OFTEC tank inspection 5 fuel tanks LCM Environmental
  1. Your tank may be safe and fit for purpose, but your pipework could cause a potential issue with your fuel, oil, or chemical environment. In our experience, around 30% of the time when our Emergency Spill Response team is called, it is because of a pipework malfunction, and not a tank split. It’s easy to forget that the devil is in the details and focus only on the large storage tank but don’t worry – we’re here to take care of pipework for you, too.
  2. An OFTEC Certified examination covers a more in-depth range of inspection methods than an ordinary tank inspection. We don’t just come and “have a look” at your tank. Our OFTEC registered fuel engineers will provide detail and measurable checks your entire tank environment, including pipework, bunds, fitting, and venting provision checks, and if tank installation is within compliance and within OFTEC certification standards.
  3. Fuel, oil, and chemical tanks all contain products that are often essential to the owner’s business. Any damage to the containers they are held in could lead to business downtime, product damage/contamination or considerable environmental issues.
  4. A potential rupture in your tank will cost you a lot more than being proactive with a tank inspection. Engaging emergency spill response services for a leak or spill can cost you considerably more in both time and money. A regular tank inspection can ensure your tank environment integrity is in working order and help protect your business from any unnecessary downtime due to tank failure.
  5. Bund and gauges inspections are also included in your tank inspection. We will check your gauges and alarms are in working order and will also check for any signs of product leakage and/or ground contamination.

With fuel and tank maintenance, the LCM Environmental way has always been to mitigate unnecessary risk and fuel your advancement in every environment. Irrespective of the contents of the tank from diesel, gas oil, kerosene, HVO or other fuels and chemicals, we are ready to inspect your tank, test it and repair any damage if present. If your tank is full and requires internal inspection or maintenance, we can also uplift and transfer your fuel, and once the inspection and repairs are done, we will safely return it.

Got a question about OFTEC certified tank inspections? Speak to our team on 0808 164 4570.