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NanoVapor emergency application in Western Ireland

Just over two years ago we trialled NanoVapor on railway wagons at our base in Long Marston. On that trial, we put 20 litres of petrol into a 96,000-litre tank wagon and left it in it overnight. When we started the trial the air temperature was nearly 20 degrees Centigrade and in bright sunshine. When we opened one of the man lids the LEL was very high. NanoVapor chemical was applied and 13 minutes later LEL was 0. All who saw that demo could not believe what they were seeing. So we did it added more fuel, sealed up the wagon and had lunch. an hour later we did a second trial. Same result. LCM were hooked.

What we have learned since is that NanoVapor is a fascinating aid to safe suppression of vapours. NanoVapor is a chemical liquid that is dispensed by being injected into the air stream through a venturi. The inlet air volume has to be matched by exit air volume to get the best effect. So designing the best venting possible delivers the most effective dispersion of NanoVapor onto all surfaces of the tank and any remaining fuel in the tank. If that cannot be achieved then vapor suppression takes longer as the inlet air pushes against air trapped in the tank as the venting (outlet) capacity is inadequate. It gets there but it takes time and uses far more chemical liquid.

NanoVapor is a superb aid to safety. Operations that are well planned go well.

An example of this was a job we recently undertook in Ireland. Good team working, good planning and rapid response good a ship back to sea quickly!

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