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NanoVapor emergency application in Western Ireland

The Problem

Following an incident on board a 225m bulk carrier a weld seam on a bulkhead adjacent to a HFO fuel tank had ruptured. A temporary repair has been done but it needed a permanent and authorised repair prior to returning to sea. Lehane Environmental & Industrial Services Ltd (Lehane) in Ireland were asked to assist and contacted LCM Environmental Ltd (LCM).

The Solution

LCM is a NanoVapor Distributor and has the necessary equipment to provide vapour suppression, However this was a specialist and unusual application so contacted the NanoVapor team in UK who advised that it should work fine but recommended that as it was a time critical application, Richard Costen, their Authorising Engineer, was in attendance to ensure safety.

A logistic plan was agreed with Lehane and the deployment initiated. The team arrived in Kilrush the following day; LCM by van and NanoVapor by flight and hire car and were met by Lehane staff. They were joined by the welding team and two marine inspectors who had to sign off the completed work.

A tug arrived and took the party on a 45 minute ride out to the anchored vessel in deep water in the Kilrush estuary. The equipment was taken aboard and set up by the time the NanoVapor authorising engineer arrived.

NanoVapor works best where outlet air pressure and flow is close to inlet pressure and flow, in this application with two such vents on either side of the vessel this was more than achieved. This involved removing the temporary plate repair and welding in place a new one to the satisfaction of the marine inspectors.

The Outcome

The welding operation and inspection took 5 hours during which the PPM were constantly measured and NanoVapor infusion applied whenever there was an increase in PPM which were maintained at less or equal to 15 PPM.

The weld repair was completed, inspected and the ship was cleared to sail at 2300, some 11 hours after the arrival on board of the NanoVapor team, welders and inspectors.

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