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LCM Environmental to sponsor Les Carroll for British National Championships.

LCM Environmental are proud to sponsor Les Carrol for this year’s British Team Training Camp between the 10th – 15th July 2021 in preparation for a competition on Friday 16th July 2021, which will enable him to take part in the 2021 British National Championships in September.

LCM Environmental has come forward to sponsor Les Carrol, who is one of LCM Environmental’s Project Manager’s whilst also being a parachuter in his spare-time. Les first experienced parachuting in the mid-1970s, when he was in the army, after being given the opportunity to do a sport parachute course. He’s since developed a ‘thirst’ for jumping by building 35 years of experience in this particular action sport. During his parachuting career he has collected several medals and has taken part in many events and competitions.

This recent announcement has permitted Les to participate in this year’s championships in the hope he is selected for the 2022 World Championships in Czech. Although he is self-coached, he is still competing against professional competitors. He’s motivated to spend all his spare time training, setting his own objectives and targets to reach his goals.

After facing various cancellations coupled with difficulties competing and training in the past 18 months because of Covid; Les is now also registered to represent his country further. He has become one step closer to achieving his dreams in the ‘Thalgau Austrian World Cup Series’ on the 26th July – 2nd August.

LCM Environmental is delighted to be associated with someone who is quality-driven, innovative with integrity and inspires others; reflecting its own company values. The company is for those who are creative, dare to win and strive to overcome its own limits. Go forth and conquer!

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Quote from James Curran, Business Development Director:

‘On behalf of the whole team here at LCM Environmental, we’d like to wish Les Carrol the very best of luck as he competes against some tough competition. Les is driven, passionate and a great inspiration to us all for taking part in this challenge.’



Quote from Les Carrol:

‘I thank LCM Environmental for their support, I would not be considering carrying on competing for the 2022 World Championships in Czech without the help and encouragement.’