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Facility Management Tank Clean Case Study



We were asked to undertake a complex Man Entry Tank Cleaning project on behalf of our client, a leading facilities management company which represents a premier national utilities provider.

The utilities provider delivers a critical service that connects millions of customers to the energy that they use. To undertake their operation, they employ the use of a backup generator system which is fuelled by three fuel tanks of gasoil, which need regular check-ups and maintenance.

To minimise the risks of a power outage and business downtime, companies in the critical sectors such as this are advised to have their generator fuel sampled at least once a year and their tanks inspected every 12-18 months. We were invited to site to sample and polish/filter the Red Diesel and perform a man entry tank clean and NDT (none destructive testing) service.

This scheduled maintenance was undertaken on three storage tanks which included two 19,700 litre tanks and one 38,000 litre tank.

Our team of experienced and highly trained LCM Environmental engineers endured challenging weather conditions, complied to strict third-party health and safety regulations on site, and managed to perform these services to a high standard under the restriction of limited working hours and short timescales. Overall, a job well-done and another happy client who can be content that their back up infrastructure is safe and remains within specification.


Tank lid hatch – Before
Tank lid hatch – After






The Task


Fuel Uplifting

A major national utilities providing client had three gasoil storage tanks that needed fuel and tank maintenance. Each of the three rectangular tanks were located underground. The LCM team of experienced engineers arrived on site and after ensuring the working area was safe and secure, they started the preparations for the fuel uplift by removing covers to expose the tank hatch.

The team then performed a fuel uplift and polished the fuel back to ISO4406 gasoil standard on the customers site using one of our bespoke on-site fuel filtration systems. While the fuel was undergoing both water and particulate filtration, the tank team performed their man-entry tank clean.

This same team of specialists then delivered the NDT tank inspections. During the duration of the job, our team was strictly compliant to all Health and Safety requirements and overlooked by a third party whilst on site, due to the critical nature of our client’s services.




Scope of Work

Our OFTEC trained LCM Environmental engineers uplifted a total of 71,000 litres of red diesel (Gasoil) from the three underground tanks.

They strategically phased the works and kept the uplifted fuel near the tanks in case of power outage whilst works were ongoing to ensure the site was never without access to fuel. This is standard practice for LCM Environmental when working with clients in the critical sector. Our aim is to pre-empt any interruptions in an emergency backup electricity network that the delivery of a project such as this could cause. Ensuring our client’s essential service remains ready is a top priority.

The Gas Oil fuel was filtered/polished to back within ISO4406 specification on site. Whilst the fuel polishing was ongoing, a detailed tank clean was performed to each of the tanks, one at a time: the tank was thoroughly cleaned out to a gas-free standard, jet-washed and fully dried. Our engineers have then inspected the tanks for any structural damage and performed a NDT testing service.

In addition to fuel uplift, fuel filtration, man entry tank cleaning and NDT testing our team were also requested to remove the flanges on the tank lid and install a new one for any additional pipework services that may be carried out in the future.

Fuel Samples: Before & After
Man Entry Tank Clean



The Outcome

The NDT inspections confirmed that the tanks were safe and compliant, and the newly polished fuel was returned to the tanks via their respective fill points and topped up with a new fuel delivery where needed.

Our team were able to issue the client with a Tank Clean certificate, as well as an NDT certificate which evidences the project that was undertaken and expertly completed by LCM.



Clean Tank